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Who we are

Harco Trading Ltd is an integrated manufacturer and distributor of premium quality hygiene paper products, founded in Cyprus in 1992 by Haris Constantinides. The desire for continuous growth and improvement led the company in increasing its range in new product categories.

Our Products

Harco Trading Ltd produces a wide range of hygiene paper products for household and professional use, at the highest level of quality by utilizing the latest technology advancements. The company's products include toilet paper, table napkins, facial tissues, kitchen rolls, machine rolls and folded hand towels. During the last few years the company has increased it's product range offerings to paper dispensers, cling film and cat litter and more.


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8 Karakoumi Str.,
2540 Dali,
Nicosia, Cyprus

Τ.Θ 12550
Latsia, Cyprus

Contact Details

Tel: +357 22486996

Fax: +357 22486579

Working Hours

Monday - Thursday

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