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The history of Table napkins

03 June 2019

The history of Table napkins
The history of Table napkins

In the current days, the most common use of table napkins is to clean your hands and mouth during and after a meal. The first type of napkin was actually eatable, which has nothing to do with the form of napkins that we know today.

In ancient Greece and more specifically in Sparta, instead of using cutlery to pick up their food, people were using their hands. In order to clean up their fingers while eating, they used a type of soft bread dough. This was the way in which the first kind of napkin was created!

Following the Greeks, Romans created a more familiar type of napkin in which they used pieces of cloth. More specifically, they used two napkins. One for the face and a larger one to make sure they did not leave any dirt around their dining area. The use of paper napkins started being more popular around the late 1800’s in the United Kingdom.

Nowadays, table napkins are essential to every household. Besides their everyday usefulness, they can be an easy way to add some colour in the kitchen or match it with the overall decoration. Our wide range of table napkins will allow you to choose the one suitable for your style, while at the same time make you feel confident that their superior quality will always please you and your loved ones.



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